“De Arepa en Budare”: Luisa and those who still resist in Venezuela

“Never, ever, even with the terrible situation we’re living in now, I would leave my country. I am Venezuelan, as we say here, ‘de arepa en budare’*”. It is one of the first sentences that Luisa tells me while we have a coffee at 6 in the morning, amidst the tranquillity of La Gran Sabana.Continue reading ““De Arepa en Budare”: Luisa and those who still resist in Venezuela”

Venezuela: A spark of hope in the middle of chaos

My time in Venezuela was short. I arrived one day and left the next. And I feel that I needed more to absorb the atmosphere of the country that, yes, is sinking into a crisis. But in contrast, have people who don’t hold their heads down.  I didn’t have the chance to stop for theContinue reading “Venezuela: A spark of hope in the middle of chaos”

Miriam and the fight for the rekindle of dreams

“Leila, I have not taken a vacation in two years. I’ve been in the migration influx for two years”, is what Miriam shares with me as we talk at the historic wooden table of the Casa da Música (House of Music). Major decisions about the welcoming of immigrants in Pacaraima took place here: First meetingContinue reading “Miriam and the fight for the rekindle of dreams”

Milagros: a voz do povo Waraó em terras Brasileiras

Milagros tem a voz doce que só alguém com esse nome poderia ter. Seu sorriso e tranquilidade no olhar quase escondem a dor e angústia que me narra casualmente enquanto assiste ao ensaio do Coral Canarinhos da Amazônia no qual sua filha, Rosa Mística, canta. Ela fala da vida do outro lado da fronteira emContinue reading “Milagros: a voz do povo Waraó em terras Brasileiras”

Milagros: the voice of the Waraós in Brazilian lands

Milagros has the sweet voice that only someone with that name (Miracle) could have. Her smile and the tranquillity in her eyes almost hides the pain and anguish as she tells me her story while watching the rehearsal of the Canarinhos da Amazonia Choir in which her daughter, Rosa Mística, sings. She narrates the lifeContinue reading “Milagros: the voice of the Waraós in Brazilian lands”

Pacaraima: when hope catches on fire

On the 18th of January, I got on a bus that took me from Boa Vista to Pacaraima. I didn’t know what to expect but felt compelled by the heart to go and understand how life worked on the Brazil-Venezuela border. Now, looking back, I understand exactly what brought me there. In a crazy way,Continue reading “Pacaraima: when hope catches on fire”